I Am A Coach

I care about the players.

Actually I love the players.  (Brilliant Coach Wooden Video here on this topic: 1:15)

I am patient.

I am honest.

I lead by example.

I am fair AND firm.

I am capable and understand what I am teaching. 

I teach precisely.

I am passionate and dedicated to the players.

I also care about the parents, they want what is best for their children.

I forgive others and also seek forgiveness for none of us are perfect.

I am a positive role model and mentor to my players.

Athletics are important but not as important as faith or family.

As such, we are opposed to weekend and organized sports in the summer to the best of our ability.

I never give up on myself or my players.  

I am organized.

I am motivated.

I try to learn everyone’s names. 

I explain while I teach

I repeat over and over and over again.  Everything.

Everyone must pay attention.

Kids who are distractions must be dealt with seamlessly.

Troubled kids are our biggest opportunity. 

I encourage.  Constantly.

But this can not be hollow encouragement.  The kids will know.

False encouragement is nearly sinful. 

I am on time.

I speak clearly and definitively. 

I stress school first.  ALWAYS.

I learn myself.  If I think I’m through learning, I’m through. 

I listen.  Intently.  To everyone.

I give credit to those who help me learn, who help me improve.  

I defend the kids who need defending. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to coach.

I am careful. 

I wonder all the time.  “How can I help this kid?”

I recognize my position.

I am serious minded but often playful. 

I am a kid myself.

I recall my coaches.  Clearly.  The good ones and the bad ones.

If they only knew the impact they had and still have. Some do.  Many don’t. 

It is very easy to lose credibility as a coach.

And that’s appropriate.  To those that much has been given, much is expected 

Too many coaches coach for the wrong reasons.

These coaches should be removed as quickly as possible.  In the scheme of things, their win-loss percentage is meaningless. 

I am interested in what my players do off the court.

I embrace them when they fail.

I encourage them to learn from their mistakes.

I REALLY ENCOURAGE them to learn from other’s mistakes. 

I stress eye contact and standing up straight. 

I explain.

I imitate.

I demonstrate

I repeat.

I am not afraid to fail.  Nor should my players be. 

Everyone’s path is different.  Provide guard rails to assist each player’s path.

Success is never final.

Failure is rarely fatal.

What really matters is the courage to continue.

Failure in fact is an opportunity to learn.

I stress a good diet and healthy sleeping and study habits. 

I am not afraid to take risks

I trust but not blindly

I never blame but rather I accept responsibility

I constantly challenge

I console when needed but emphasize sincere effort in the face of adversity

I set realistic goals

I teach accountability for one’s actions

I will fail, but I will learn from my failures

I work to help players achieve excellence on and off the court, field, track, course, pitch.

I know that actions are more powerful than words

I will be a positive role model for my players in thought, action and deed. 

I strive to find other like-minded coaches. I will send parents and players to these coaches


I Am A Coach

NOTE:  This is a “living document”.  Coaches, parents and/or players, if you see an omission or an edit you would like to make, please submit and if added, you will be given credit, because credit will be due.  Thank you.