Our passion for helping players build confidence, inside and out, was the catalyst for founding Basics Sports in 2006.

Our Promise

Athletics are a wonderful opportunity for our kids to grow and mature. Basics is the best athletic training because we emphasize the FULL DEVELOPMENT of the player/team/program on and off the playing surface. Our coaches are more than just trainers of skill and condition. Athletics allow the coaches to teach players the sport but also a lot about life. We practice fair and firm coaching.

Our training has proven results. Over 150 Basics graduates have advanced to college athletics, with many achieving D1 status. The three fundamental areas required for competitive success are…

  • Skill: Players with sharp skills have a natural advantage. These skills are developed through REPETITION and REINFORCEMENT.
  • Condition: Who is in the best condition is often the determining factor in who wins. Because we LIMIT ENROLLMENT, Basics players rarely sit, naturally leading to better-conditioned players. 
  • Mindset: Basics players are exposed to mental strength training every day. Being able to handle any outcome (good or bad) without losing a step defines mental toughness. 

Basics Methodology: Youth Basketball Leagues

Basics Sports believes school sponsored teams and events are the most authentic and purest forms of youth basketball.

While non-school-related basketball is extremely common, too often clubs emphasize games and outcomes over practice. We have to make this statement: traveling to compete is almost always a wasted opportunity for growth (not to mention it is expensive). Parents: never mistake competition with competitive growth. The two are basically unrelated. Players without sharp skills who then compete often regress.  Be relentless about skill development. 

At Basics Sports, we consider results and outcomes of non-school related basketball events (Tourneys, games, leagues, etc.) unimportant. The primary focus of ALL non-school related basketball should be skill development and preparation for school teams. See an NBA coach’s description (2:40) of this common obstacle with youth basketball

Basics proudly participated in the 2018 Condoleezza Rice report on non-scholastic basketball. INFO HERE

Coach John Wooden

Coach Wooden won 10 NCAA Men’s Championships at UCLA, including 7 in a row. Multiple organizations have voted him (ESPN, the Sporting News, and others) as the greatest coach of all time in ANY sport.

At Basics, we do our best to emulate the teachings of Coach Wooden. His Pyramid of Success is highly recommended and is embraced by athletes and coaches in every sport. In a nutshell, Basics does our very best to teach the skills correctly and be positive role models and mentors to all who attend our training.

Recommended Viewing: Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s 9 minute speech on Coach Wooden.

A few of our favorite quotes from Coach John Wooden

“Never mistake activity for achievement.”

“A player who makes a team great is more valuable than a great player.”

“Young people need models, not critics.”

“Discipline yourself so others don’t have to.”

“Athletics do not build character. They reveal it”

Basics Mindset

Mental strength tools and routines are powerful.

The Basics Mindset training improves confidence, resilience, and fosters stronger commitment & attitude. Learn how to approach adversity and challenge with resolve, creating a competitive advantage in generating positive outcomes with life-long applications.

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