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Mikan Drill Progressions: What is your kids skill level RIGHT NOW?

The Mikan Drill is regarded as the game’s most important skill drill. Identify where your son/daughter is in this progression to determine their level of skill.  This is a college player (over 200 X attending Basics) executing both the Mikan and Reverse Mikan correctly.

One minute drill (1:00), count the makes. The player MUST USE both hands independently or the make does NOT COUNT.

Please see other important drills below the Mikan Drill progression charts.

CLICK on each chart to see AVERAGE, ABOVE AVERAGE, EXCELLENT and what the RECORDS are by age and gender.

Mental Strength Champions

Keep the Ball UP when shooting (Advanced players only)

Slide Wide, Go Low.  Developing great WIDTH is key in BB

Cross Over Dribble


Catch and Shoot and 1 dribble drives

How to DEFEND in RELATION to the ball’s position

Ball Control Drills:  it’s ASTONISHING how many kids can NOT control the ball

The Step Back and the Runner

Strength-Conditioning: no clubs, no fees, no dues, no fancy equipment.  How to get stronger quickly. 

The Bank Shot

The Up and Under

Turn Around Jump Shot

Jump Stops and Pivots:  BORING but winning is never boring

Basics Tournament Model

Jump Rope is a GREAT DRILL for foot speed and agility: How many rotations in 1 minute?

Another GREAT conditioning and agility drill:  the Dot Drill

Shooting Extension Drill:  Learn to extend and NOT BRING THE BALL DOWN.