Summer Camps

Snap Shot of coming weeks 

July 22-24

  1. Ferrysburg PM: MS Boys w-Nathan
  2. Allendale PM: MS-HS Girls:  w-Gabe

July 29-31

  1. Forest Hills AM:  U-13 Co-ed plus Skills
  2. Ferrysburg PM: MS-HS Girls w/ Sophia Wiard

August 5-7

  1. Ferrysburg PM MS + HS Girls + Skills
  2. Allendale PM: Middle School Boys + Skills  
  3. Spring Lake PM: ALL SPORTS: Mindset Camp; Mental Strength Training

Remaining weeks below

PHOTO:  Gabe Newhof  (All American candidate at Spring Arbor) runs all camps in Allendale-see below.  Averaged 24 and 10 at Spring Arbor University.

PHOTO: Sophia Wiard has added 1 Lakeshore camp (July 29-31): MAC Player of the Year.  Will play pro ball next year. 

Since 2006, Basics Camps have offered outstanding skill development and scrimmaging with NO TRAVEL. At Basics, we believe players should work on their skills and conditioning ALL THE TIME but with no travel and wasted opportunities for what really matters: reps, reps, reps.

Training Options

  • Shooting
  • Ball Handling
  • Footwork
  • Conditioning
  • Post Play
  • Free Throws
  • Guard Play
  • Defensive Positioning
  • Private Training, 1 v 1
  • Mental Strength Training
  • NOTE on Private Training: nearly all private training is by appointment.  Please call or text 616 402-1600 if you are interested in 1 v 1 training.  

TIP:  the outdoor coourt is Spring Lake is quite the place!  GREAT setting, 4 goals, terrific Sport Court surface.  Many of West Michigan’s finest players since 2002 have sharpened their skills on this court.   Parents can hang out or take a walk by the lake! 

Fundamentals include passing, dribbling, shooting, footwork, and conditioning. Players will have fun plus learn the game. Camps are limited in size. This training ensures individual player attention and strong reinforcement of the skills. Scrimmaging is part of our summer camp model. 

Of Basics 155 graduates who have gone on to play in college, over 100 have attended our summer camps.

“Guys play way too much in the summer. All they need to do is work on their skills and condition.  That’s it.”  

Coach Tom Izzo, Michigan State University  

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Summer Camps-2024


2 Locations  Meet MAC Player of the Year, Sophia Wiard. 1st week FULL: 2nd week added July 29-31

July 22-24 PM: Middle School Boys
Mon 07/22/24 - Wed 07/24/24

NEW--July 29-31 PM-w/Sophia Wiard GIRLS
Mon 07/29/24 - Wed 07/31/24

Aug. 5-7 PM: MS + HS Girls
Mon 08/05/24 - Wed 08/07/24

Aug 5-7 PM: ALL SPORTS: Mindset Camp
Mon 08/05/24 - Wed 08/07/24

Aug 12-14-PM: Beginners Camp
Mon 08/12/24 - Wed 08/14/24


11050 64th Ave, Allendale

Meet Coach Gabe Newhof

July 22-24 MS and HS Girls + Skills
Mon 07/22/24 - Wed 07/24/24

Aug 5-7 Middle School Boys + Skills
Mon 08/05/24 - Wed 08/07/24

Aug 5-7 PM: ALL SPORTS: Mindset Camp
Mon 08/05/24 - Wed 08/07/24

Aug 12-14 Youth 12 Under + Skills
Mon 08/12/24 - Wed 08/14/24


6060 Belding Rd

The session is full. Check other dates for openings.

Forest Hills

3777 Leonard St 

July 29-31   900-Noon

Aug 5-7 PM: ALL SPORTS: Mindset Camp
Mon 08/05/24 - Wed 08/07/24