Basics in Charleston: Mental Strength Training


Charleston Southern University chooses Mental Strength Training 

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“Coach, thank you so much for coming in to work with our program.  Your mental strength expertise and wisdom is a huge benefit for these players.  We look forward to our follow up meeting before the tournament begins in March.”  

Coach Clarisse Garcia  

(Coach played at Villanova herself)

Charleston Southern University Women’s Head Coach

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Mental Strength Training in Charleston

D-1 in 2 sports at Dartmouth College

Coach McGannon bio 

Please do not hesitate to call or text Coach McGannon at 616 402-1600 with any questions.  If your son, daughter or program goes through this training, they will be able to handle adversity more quickly and effectively.  This ability has natural applications ON and OFF the playing surfaces. 

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PHOTO ABOVE:  Playing basketball in Goose Creek with special needs kids.  This is important and rewarding work.  Second visit is Feb 18!!  Contact Hannah at 854 207-6006 to register.  Cost: $0  Value: Priceless

Coach McGannon will be in Charleston through early March.   The mental strength training for individuals or teams/programs is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  See videos below.      

For teams or programs, Coach travels to your location.  Call to arrange date and time.  616 402-1600  

Dates below are for 1 v 1 Training

Private Mental Strength Training, 1 v 1.  ANY SPORT.  Ages 13 +           See Parent/Coach/Player comments here

ADDRESS: 1100 Pavillion Dr, Isle of Palms, SC or a coffee shop/restaurant of your choosing  





  • 6’9″, 250 lbs
  • All State, Fairfield (CT) Prep School
  • D-1 in the Ivy League at Dartmouth College (2 sports–basketball and GOLF)
  • European player (France), L’Equippe de Blois
  • Played professional golf 1991-96, based in North Carolina.  Info here
  • Founded Basics Sports in 2006.  Premier skills training with NO TRAVEL permitted.
  • 141 Basics graduates playing in college, 6 different sports.  15 D-1.
  • Coaching Seminars (basketball) run by Coach McGannon here.  Ideal for coaches at ANY LEVEL: Parents, Rec, Grade school, Middle School, High School.   SEE Three-Legged Stool clip below.
  • See Basics Three-Legged Stool here (SKILL, CONDITIONING and MENTAL STRENGTH)
  • Mental Strength Training service developed in 2018.
  • Using an online assessment, players learn to improve their confidence, their ability to handle failure and to honestly address their level of commitment and attitude.
  • 616 402-1600 or email
  • COST:  PrivateTraining 1 v 1:  $125 includes a 2nd followup meeting  Time required: 1 hour
  • COST:  Team or ProgramTraining (ANY SPORT):  $80 per player.  20+ players:  $50 per.  Time required:  75-90 minutes

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And giving back, see below.  Coaches and athletes have an extraordinary opportunity to assist those less fortunate than us.  

Playing hoops with special needs kids in Goose Creek!  SO COOL!!  Please attend if you can.

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