Building confidence, both inside and out, is our passion.


At Basics Sports, effective training begins with fundamental skill development and appropriate adult modeling. Our coaches are well-trained, motivated, committed, capable, patient, and caring. We help athletes reach their potential while assisting them in their growth, maturity, and development off the playing surface.

IBL Winter Basketball League

Youth League IBL (ages 9-12) & Middle School League

Daily Training + Saturday games!
Join anytime, season ends March.
  • No Tryouts, No Travel
  • Ferrysburg and Rockford
  • Competitive scrimmaging daily
  • Trained Coaches
  • Focus on Skill Development and Conditioning

Spring Break Clinics

April 2, 3 & 4, 2024

Fundamentals include passing, dribbling, shooting, footwork, and conditioning. Players will have fun plus learn the game. Classes are limited in size. Includes SCRIMMAGING. (Co-ed,)

Don’t delay. These fill every year!

Spring Teams

March to June


Lakeshore & Rockford Teams (Youth, Middle School & High School)

Our Spring Team model was founded in 2011 on the premise that traveling and time away from practice in the OFF SEASON is wasted time. Basics Spring Team training emphasizes the FULL DEVELOPMENT of the player/team/program on and off the court. The teams are designed to improve skill development and confidence and prepare players for school-related tryouts, teams, and competitions.

Mindset Training

Being able to handle mistakes, bad outcomes, failure and a critical inner voice (many young players REALLY give themselves a hard time) is a BIG advantage.  Learn the tools the pros work on to handle adversity.  

Middle School Boys Winter IBL

On the Lakeshore and in Rockford

No try outs, no cuts, no travel, no admission, no teams, PREMIER Skill Development at these key ages

Since 2005, Basics Winter IBL for Middle School Boys has been the preeminent choice for these players at these critical ages of development (11-14).   Our approach is all our own, and is focused on INDIVIDUAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT versus the standard emphasis on teams, outcomes and games.  Our record of players making HS teams (over 90%)  and our best players moving onto the college level (155 and counting) speaks for itself.  

Basics Summer Camps 2024

A West Michigan institution since 2002!  

Fundamentals include passing, dribbling, shooting, footwork, and conditioning. Players will have fun plus learn the game. Camps are limited in size. This training ensures individual player attention and strong reinforcement of the skills.  Scrimmaging is a big part of our summer camp model.

GRAB AN OUTDOOR CAMP IN SPRING LAKE.  Quite the setting for fun and fundamentals!

Basics Mindset

Mental strength tools and routines are powerful.

The Basics Mindset training improves confidence, resilience, and fosters stronger commitment & attitude. Learn how to approach adversity and challenge with resolve, creating a competitive advantage in generating positive outcomes with life-long applications.

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