Basics Mindset Mission

The Basics Mindset helps athletes, teams, businesses, and organizations create a competitive advantage by establishing a winning mindset. Building confidence, both inside and out, is our passion.

The Mindset training improves confidence, resilience, commitment and attitude. It is the difference between “good” and “great”. 

Mental strength tools are powerful. Learn how to approach adversity, mistakes and even failure with resolve, creating a competitive advantage. These outcomes have life-long applications.  

A winning mindset is as vital as well-developed technical skills.

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Coach McGannon

  • Played 2 sports D-1 in the Ivy League; basketball and golf  (Dartmouth College)
  • Played 5 years of professional golf, based in North Carolina.  Attempted the PGA Tour Q-School twice (qualifying event for the Tour)
  • Held management jobs after golf in Atlanta, NYC, Hilton Head and Nashville
  • Founded Basics Sports in 2006; full bio here 

COMMENT: “The strength of this training is rooted in my family, my coaches and my education. Most importantly, I have actually DONE THIS WORK in competition. There is no substitute for being in the fray, learning under fire, feeling the heat and knowing what to do when adversity strikes.”

Mental Strength Assessment

A snapshot of the player, business, team’s relative strengths and weaknesses.  The results pertain to their CONFIDENCE, their ability to handle FAILURE, and their ATTITUDE/COMMITMENT.

  • The assessment allows the athlete/employee/staff member to verbalize and become aware of their thoughts and processes during competition or work. This information is a springboard to improved thinking. The assessment is in the “No Judgement Zone” meaning there are NO SCORES, NO GRADES, NO COMPARISONS.   There is only trust and acceptance.  
  • It is common for the assessment ALONE to positively impact the athlete-employee-staff member.
  • In Athletics: available for Youth (ages 10-12) and older players (Middle School High School, College, Professional).  The youth assessments are age appropriate, simpler.  

NOTE on the assessment: If a team, business, or organization is struggling with a specific set of issues, the assessment can be customized to deal directly with those issues. These customized assessments are powerful and can prompt positive change quickly.  Contact Coach McGannon for details on how this can work for you. 

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Mental Strength Tools

  • Build rock-solid routines.  Learn how to change routines if they become stale.
  • Develop Visualization Techniques to include both positive outcomes and adversity. Better understand how and when to visualize.
  • Learn breathing techniques to relax. Gain a better understanding of the competitive advantage gained by relaxing during times of challenge.  Applies to EVERY endeavor.
  • Learn how to clear your head to compete or work.

Meeting with Coach McGannon

  • Once the assessments are submitted, we meet.
  • The principles of mental strength and resilience are discussed and taught.
  • In Private 1 v 1 sessions, we will discuss the player-team members assessment DIRECTLY. 
  • In Group or Team sessions, we will analyze the FULL TEAM RESULTS anonymously and discuss how the tools are applied to improve mental strength.
  • Anecdotes from well known professional athletes/business people who have struggled with these SAME ISSUES are raised to provide perspective.
  • Each player receives a Mindset Scorecard, an excellent summary of the tools.  
  • IMPORTANT:  a second session is part of the cost. This is arranged 45-60 days OUT to assist with the team’s application of these key tools.  


GR West Catholic High School 2023 pic
GR West Catholic High School 2023 pic
Charleston Southern Womens team pic
2023 GHHS Girls Soccer Varsity web

West Catholic High School Football Team

“The mental strength tools our players learned from Basics Mindset Training have been a huge addition to our program. These principles are becoming routines and part of our daily best practices! We can’t wait to see you for our next meeting.”

~ Coach Landon Grove, West Catholic HS Head Football Coach

Dartmouth College Women's Golf Team

D-1 Ivy League.  New Hampshire

“Coach McGannon provides a terrific service. Thank you! We have a talented team; however, they have struggled with poor play and have been hard on themselves. Your approach righted the ship quickly! Our performances have improved significantly.”

~ Alex Kirk, Dartmouth College Women’s Golf Coach

Pinewood Prep-Charleston

Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Baseball:  South Carolina

“Coach, we are really happy with the Mindset training!  It is one thing to TALK about being mentally tough.  It is another thing altogether to be shown HOW to do this with the tools our athletes learned from you.  Thank you.  We will see you again in the Fall with our Football and Volleyball teams.”       JW Myers, Athletic Director

The Lakeshore Animal Hospital

“Thank you, Coach McGannon. Your Basics Mindset Training was beneficial immediately. The day after, we were very short-staffed, with only two doctors, one of whom had multiple surgeries planned. I heard the staff recounting some of the concepts from your training the day before. The team came together. The day turned out great! Lakeshore Animal Hospital thanks you!”

~ Dr. Ingrid Hutchins

Charleston Southern University Basketball Team

“Coach McGannon, thank you for sharing your wisdom on mental strength with our team. We know this training will help us, especially in tight games.”

~ Coach Clarisse Garcia, Head Coach Charleston Southern University (Coach Garcia played at Villanova)

Fruitport Varsity Softball

“Thank you, Coach McGannon. Softball is full of ups and downs, sometimes pitch by pitch. Your Basics Mindset Training was terrific! It helped the players stay in the moment, creating a sense of calm. We look forward to seeing you again soon.”

~ Coach Bob Dorman Fruitport Varsity Softball

Rockford High School Women's Golf Team

“Coach McGannon, after your training, the girls finished 5th in the state championship. Jessica (our # 1 player) finished 3rd individually and was named to the Michigan Super Team. She shot 64 after our initial meeting with you!! Your training was instrumental in helping these players cope with adversity and poor outcomes. Thank you so much!! The assessment set the stage for them to address their weaknesses.”

~ Coach Scott Kruisenga, Rockford High School Women’s Golf Coach

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