Pre-Tryout Prep-2024

  • Middle School (MS) = 6th-7th-8th Graders
  • High School (HS) = 9th-12th Graders

School Tryout Dates:

  • Middle School Boys: generally the Monday after MS football ends (late Oct.)
  • Middle School Girls: generally mid Jan. after MS volleyball ends
  • High School Boys: week of November 11, 2024   (MHSAA mandated)
  • High School Girls: week of November 18, 2024   (MHSAA mandated)
  • Pre-Season pic to right, 2017  MS Boys  Burt, Ball (SL), Korenstra (GH), Thompson (Whitehall), Richards (Cavalry) 
IBL boys team pic

Pre-Season Prep – 2024

Excellent summary of Basics Pre-Season Prep:  3:40 video

Lakeshore: Sun, Mon, Tue, Weds, Thurs

Sundays - Lakeshore
Sun 09/15/24 - Sun 12/22/24

Mondays - Lakeshore
Mon 09/16/24 - Mon 11/11/24

Tuesdays - Lakeshore
Tue 09/17/24 - Tue 11/12/24

Wednesdays - Lakeshore
Wed 09/18/24 - Wed 11/13/24

Thursdays - Lakeshore
Thu 09/19/24 - Thu 11/14/24

Pre-season Prep-2024

Boys & Girls Middle School/High School

Since 2006, Basics has helped prepare hundreds of players for their school tryouts.  The 3-key areas we focus on are:

  1. SKILL

Our pre-season sessions often mirror what a tryout would look like, including common drills players can expect and then LOTS OF REPETITIONS and  SCRIMMAGING.

TIP: Get a Skills Package deal and attend a Mental Strength session at NO COST  (an $80 value). Valid through Oct 15.

Over 90% of our Pre-Season players make their school teams, and dozens of underclassmen called up to varsity.


It’s Hard to Explain…

…why Basics has such a positive track record of players making school teams AND a large % of our underclassmen (Freshmen and Sophorores) earning varsity roster spots.  It’s hard to explain because our model is basically diametrically opposed to the way youth sports is managed.    We know and understand that COMPETITION is barely related to COMPETITIVE GROWTH, but we also understand that is not an easy concept to explain to parents.  So rather than try and explain it, this series of videos may help.  GOOD LUCK!!

There are 3 types of players… 

The Curtian Call is NOW-Get ready

Will my kid’s LIGHTBULB ever go off?

The status quo is insufficient

In ONE MINUTE, we know….


What separates GOOD from GREAT


Middle School Boys Winter IBL 

December to March

Many of the best middle school boys have played in our Winter IBL since 2006.  It is the PERFECT time for this training. They have just finished their school seasons, their condition should be good to very good.  Compare what we offer with area leagues and you will see the many advantages to Basics IBL. No travel.  No uniforms or gear costs.  No lost weekends.  No playing time drama because there are NO try outs. No admission at the door.  No officials. No plays.  We teach kids HOW to play.  

6th, 7th and 8th graders.  

Basics Mindset

Mental strength tools and routines are powerful.

The Basics Mindset training improves confidence, resilience, and fosters stronger commitment & attitude. Learn how to approach adversity and challenge with resolve, creating a competitive advantage in generating positive outcomes with life-long applications.

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