Candid Shots with Basics

This video series has been a labor of love.  Various sport-related topics are addressed.  Many of the positions Basics takes are NOT main stream, not status quo. Our primary focus always has been “what is best for the players?”  Feel free to call Coach MCGannon on any of these topics, or others you would like to discuss. 

Travel Teams

Play ALL Summer and then….

My Losing Season

Patience and Gratitude

LeBron still does the Drill

Teaching Plays and Teaching Players HOW to play are unrelated

Over-scheduled athletes become good at everything and great at nothing.

Youth Tournaments

Playing with Friends


Why Normal Improvement is So Difficult

Coach Wooden

The Underwear Olympics

Assisting Those in Need

Basics Mindset Principles

Ideal Sports Parents

Becoming an Elite Player

Pre-season + Pre-Try Out Prep

Sometimes the light bulb goes OFF.  Mostly, it does not.  Here’s why

Why Basketball is so HARD–
It’s MATH!!

Private Training

Three Player Types

Why so many STOP improving 

The time is NOW

In the summer, the best players will get a job

The Preeminent Model in Youth Sports