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As players mature and enter high school, the competition stiffens. Making teams is more challenging. Earning playing time becomes more and more competitive. We help players sharpen their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Basics player development positions them to reach their potential.

We help players understand what separates good from great players:

  • Sharper Skills
  • Better Conditioning
  • Mental Strength and Resilience

Improvement Areas:

  • Court awareness, knowing what and when to do it
  • Building the skill of ANTICIPATION
  • Technical Skills: Dribble, Pass, Shoot, Defend
  • How to play against bigger, stronger, faster opponents
  • How to take advantage if YOU have these attributes
  • Building KEY intangibles: communication, patience, understanding roles, initiative among many other intangibles
  • Learning to GO FOR IT with no fear

BEYOND Beyond Basics:

Basics currently has over 150 graduates who have made it to the college level

For the select few interested in college athletics, see our College Player Profile Service

Lakeshore Spring Teams

No Try Outs, No Travel

Practices: POSTED HERE

Locations: Fruitport and Ferrysburg

Rockford Spring Teams

No Try Outs, No Travel

Practices: POSTED HERE

Location: 6060 Belding Rd in Rockford