Skills Training

  • Lakeshore, Allendale, Rockford

Basketball is arguably the most skill laden game of all. Players without sharp skills have almost no chance for success. Skills are built in one way only;  through repetition and reinforcement. Games, leagues and tourneys are simply a benchmark of the player’s-team’s skill. NOTE:  Sundays Skills training for players IN-SEASON is a GREAT way to build their skills while they compete.

  • Shooting Clinics
  • Ball Handling Clinics
  • Footwork
  • Post Play
  • Free Throws
  • Guard Play
  • Defensive Positioning

Basics Skills Video Channel here

EthanHill basketball playing web image
EthanHill basketball playing web image


17520 Ridge Ave-Ferrysburg

All Ages (Co-ed)  Drop Ins are OK.  Pay $20 per session in the gym

NOTE: Privates available by calling/texting 616 402-1600

Sun 06/02/24 - Sun 08/18/24

Mon 06/03/24 - Mon 08/12/24

Tue 06/04/24 - Tue 08/13/24

Wed 06/05/24 - Wed 08/14/24

Allendale, Rockford

  1. Allendale: 11050 64th Ave
  2. Rockford: 6060 Belding Rd

All Ages (Co-ed)  Drop Ins are OK. 

ROCKFORD SKILLS – Sundays only

ALLENDALE SKILLS – Mon, Tues + Weds all summer

Private Training

Immediate feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the player(s).  NOTE:  2 players may attend at no extra cost.  Great for siblings or buddies.

Skills Training, Limited Enrollment

Shooting Clinics

Consistent form, ball position, soft touch, leg drive, balance, release, rotation, extension.  We have no peer in teaching players to shoot.  Examples below.

Cost: Training sessions are $25 per person (60-minute session).

These are ADVANCED skills below, our younger players learn the fundamentals that lead to shooters like this. TIP: for older players GET A PRIVATE SESSION. 


Ball Handling Clinics

Control and protection of the ball. Clean control and handling of the ball are required in basketball. Players should, FOR THEIR ENTIRE CAREERS, continue to work on these simple ball control and ball handling drills. TIP: NBA guys are doing this exact same thing.

Cost: Training sessions are $25 per person (60-minute session).


Private Training

Privates:  Immediate feedback on strengths and weaknesses and a path forward to improvement

Open to: All players

Cost: Training sessions are $95 for 1 or a Block of 4 for $75 each.  REGISTER HERE

Mindset Training

Since 2018, Coach McGannon has offered mental strength training to many area athletes and programs  (over 500 individual sessions, over 50 programs in 12 different sports)  

Open to: Middle School, High School, College and Professional players

Cost: Team and program costs are based on who is attending.  Private 1 v 1 cost is $125 which includes the assessment, 2 meetings and critically, the tools for mental strength are introduced and taught. 

Register here  (Most are by appointment, simply call Coach at 616 402-1600) 

Basics Proven Results

  • Over 90% of the players who attend make their school teams
  • Dozens and dozens of underclassmen have made HIGHER level teams
  • Freshmen called up to JV or varsity, Sophomores called up to varsity
  • Younger players playing at a higher level due to sharper skills, better conditioning and mental strength.

PICTURED: This player is LEFT-HANDED, she is executing a REVERSE SHOT with her weak hand (RIGHT) in this photo. A perfect example of the skills Basics teaches. In HS, this player achieved ALL AREA and will play at Calvin University!

Basics Mindset

Mental strength tools and routines are powerful.

The Basics Mindset training improves confidence, resilience, and fosters stronger commitment & attitude. Learn how to approach adversity and challenge with resolve, creating a competitive advantage in generating positive outcomes with life-long applications.

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