Three (3) Associated Press Michigan High School Players of the Year since 2010.  Each player attended Basics training over 100 times.

Left to Right

  1. Abby Cole:  Grand Haven High School 2013.  Player of the Year in 2013.  U of Michigan
  2. Evan Bruinsma: WMC 2010, U of Detroit 2014, Pro ball now in Europe
  3. Taylor Richards: FCC 2015, Cornerstone University


Abby Cole-University of Michigan

“When I first came to Basics, it was so clear my skills were behind. The repetition and support Basics taught helped me become the player I became. Coach McGannon’s background in mental strength training is fantastic. Thanks Basics!”
NOTE: Abby anchored the Grand Haven High School’s back-to-back state championships in 2012-2013 and was named the 2013 AP Michigan High School Player of the Year

Evan Bruinsma-U. of Detroit, pro ball now in Europe

“I never understood why so many kids traveled all over the state to play basketball when the best training in the state was right here on the Lakeshore. Basics taught me the primary skills required to compete, and then gave me a TON of repetitions to sharpen those skills.”

NOTE: Evan anchored the 3-peat state championship teams at Western Michigan Christian 2008, 2009 and 2010. Evan was named the 2010 AP Michigan High School Player of the Year. (Wins Basics DUNK contest last year!)

Taylor Richards-Cornerstone University

“I first came to Basics in 3rd grade and played with them through 12th grade. It’s obvious the skills Basics teaches help players compete. At 6’1″, I can dribble pass and shoot in large part because of the drills Basics teaches.”

NOTE: Taylor scored over 2000 points in high school and was named the 2015 AP Michigan High School Player of the Year.  She was recently inducted in the Muskegon Sports Hall of Fame.