The Assessment

SPORT: Football, Basketball


I trust myself and my skills in competition.: 1-Often
I treat myself with respect during practice and competitions.: 1-Often
If I do not understand something, I will ask for help.: 1-Often
I believe I am always able to play to my potential.: 1-Often
In tight competition, I want to be playing. I like the heat.: 1-Often
I exhibit self-control when I play.: 2-Sometimes
I react and play well under pressure.: 1-Often
I am honest with myself about my ability.: 1-Often
I am not concerned about making mistakes.: 1-Often
My inner voice (aka “self talk“) is always productive and not overly critical.: 2-Sometimes
I am in excellent shape because I work hard on my conditioning.: 2-Sometimes
I have a positive self image.: 1-Often

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I understand losing my composure hurts me while also helping my opponent.: 2-Sometimes
After a bad outcome, I remain patient and continue to play hard.: 1-Often
After a bad outcome, I am able to hide my frustrations.: 1-Often
I do NOT need to play perfectly.: 2-Sometimes
I react well to mistakes. I know they are inevitable.: 2-Sometimes
I recall my good play more often than I recall my mistakes.: 1-Often
If my opponent tries to get under my skin, I know how to handle it.: 2-Sometimes
I remain positive and productive even after mistakes.: 1-Often
I play fearlessly.: 1-Often
I am not concerned about what others think when I play.: 2-Sometimes
I am proud of how I handle my mistakes.: 2-Sometimes
I believe that mistakes can lead to growth.: 2-Sometimes

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I don’t give up.: 1-Often
I do not whine, complain or make excuses.: 1-Often
I take the initiative to practice and prepare without being pushed.: 2-Sometimes
I am organized. For example, my room is always clean and I have good study habits.: 2-Sometimes
I am patient with myself, my team mates and my coaches.: 2-Sometimes
I keep my performance and the results in perspective.: 1-Often
I understand that sacrifice is required to be a competitive athlete.: 1-Often
My school work always comes first.: 2-Sometimes
I spend less than 1 hour a day on social media.: 3-Never
I am coachable. I value constructive criticism.: 1-Often  (Really?)
I have high standards for myself on and off the playing surface.: 1-Often
I treat ALL my teammates and coaches with respect.: 2-Sometimes

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Comment on anything else you’d like Coach McGannon to know that may be affecting your performance. Take your time and be thoughtful with your comments. Remember to be honest. These comments help me understand why you are thinking the way you are. DO NOT WRITE “N/A“ or “nothing else“.:

I am a 2-way player, and made all state my sophomore and junior years in football.   I love the game but sometimes I am too intense.  I get after my team mates if I think they’re not working hard enough.  In basketball, my strength is defense but I often get called for fouls I don’t agree with. The refs bother me sometimes.   I know this is not good.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

EX:  Mental Strength NOTES (Scorecard) 

  • Forget Poor play QUICKLY.   It HELPS the opponent
  • BE a Goldfish-NO MEMORY.  NEXT possession
  • POSITIVE inner voice. Be my own best friend.
  • Don’t worry about what others think. It does NOT MATTER.
  • Control what I can and Don’t worry about what I Can NOT control
  • QUESTION:  can I control this issue or not?
  • Practice the 4 Tools, make it part of my plan
  1. Routines: diet, sleep, study, pre-practice, pre-game
  2. Visualization:  both good and bad.  What is next? 
  3. Breath to relax.  4-4-4-4.    2-1-2-1
  4. Clear my head.  JUST PLAY.