Basics Sports Participates in Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s Report to the NCAA

This report is COMPLETELY IN LINE with our thinking, approach, and execution.

This Press Release is written by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, with notable assistance from David Robinson, Grant Hill, and other well-known players, coaches, and university administrators. Basics Sports is proud to have participated in the compilation of the report.

As discussed in the findings, the root of the problem the NCAA has experienced in D1 Men’s basketball BEGINS in Youth Basketball. We take our position in the community with your children very seriously. We agree with the report that the current youth basketball model needs to be corrected on many fronts. The report details these problems and offers concrete steps to help solve them.

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Coach McGannon,


Hope this note finds you well. Condi delivered the Commission on College Basketball’s recommendations to the NCAA just now and she wanted to be sure you received a copy of the report, the recommendations and the press release containing her remarks from the press conference. Additionally, here is the link to the Commission’s website where this all will live:


On behalf of Condi and the Commission on College Basketball, thank you for your help, insight, and input during this process. Putting the “college” back in college basketball has been and will continue to be a collaborative effort for all those who care about the futures of student-athletes. Thank you again for your willingness to help contribute to this ever important effort.


~ Best, Shannon York
Chief of Staff, Office of Condoleezza Rice
Hoover Institution, Stanford University

From Page 8-Take the time and read the full report

“The Commission’s third strategic area of focus relates to mitigating non-scholastic basketball’s sometimes harmful influence on college basketball. The corruption we observed in college basketball has its roots in youth basketball. Put frankly, youth basketball in this country is ungoverned space. There are good programs – but there are too many that condone illicit behavior.


The Commission recommends the NCAA take short and long-term actions to reform non-scholastic basketball and disassociate itself and its member institutions from the aspects of non-scholastic basketball where transparency and ethical behavior cannot be assured. We believe non-scholastic basketball must be reformed by making its finances transparent. In the short term, we recommend the NCAA promptly adopt and enforce rigorous criteria for certifying the non-scholastic basketball events that its coaches attend. To certify a non-scholastic basketball event, the owners, event operators, sponsors and coaches for the event must agree to financial transparency.”

An example of non-scholastic basketball run amok: this type of behavior is abhorrent and the only way to deal with it is to choose NOT to be associated with organizations that permit it and even look the other way.