Just Play.

Have Fun.

Enjoy the Game.

~ Michael Jordan




OPEN GYM Saturdays: Lakeshore
10:00 AM-Noon (2 hrs)

All Ages (Co-ed)
Only $5 each player
(pay at the door)
Must Register

You may also register and pay with Venmo.
PARENTS: Remind your kids to be well-behaved and respectful.

Done promptly at Noon.

NOTE: Private immediately following at Noon. GREAT TIMING since we just saw the player for 2 hours!

Sat 09/23/23 - Sat 12/16/23

Love and Balance


Stubborn Joy

Marathon Not a Sprint

Winter Outside Training

Never Ever Ever Give Up

“Basketball is a joyful, passionate game. It is free flowing and un-choreographable! We don’t know what’s going to happen from 1 moment to the next. Players with skill relish this freedom. Players without sharp skills often find the game chore-like. Be relentless about skill development and conditioning.”

~ Coach McGannon