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I do not know if Princeton can beat Creighton, but I do know this.  They will not lose their composure and they will not be outworked.

For many reasons but chief among them, watch this game.   Use the clip here from the end of the Arizona game to know what to look for.

  1. My college coaches are the same guys who trained Coach Henderson, the Princeton coach.  Basics approach and the drills we employ are mirror images of how this team trains. How we look today!
  2. Down by 3 with 4 minutes to go;  there was ZERO PANIC or rushed play
  3. Notice how Princeton ball handlers ALWAYS PROTECT THE BALL WITH their bodies.  A Basics Skill
  4. Watch how Princeton defenders MAINTAIN THE WIDTH of their feet.  A Basics skill
  5. Down by 1 with 3 minutes to go, Princeton shoots 3’s in rhythm TWICE and MISSES.  They have NO FEAR.   ie Mental Strength
  6. The defensive rotation at the 2:10 mark is a thing of beauty. Princeton’s initial defender is beaten off the dribble, the secondary defender comes to help, the Arizona ball handler passes to his briefly open team mate but another Princeton defender ROTATES and deflects the ball off of Arizona  This type of help defense is what Basics teaches.
  7. DIVE ON THE FLOOR for a loss ball at 1:37.  This type of effort is required at the higher levels of the game from all players.
  8. The Princeton steal at 1:25: see # 7 above.  DEFENSIVE ROTATION and HELP all the time.
  9. The Princeton block at .50 is another thing of beauty.  Notice how the defender does not attempt the block with his INSIDE arm (left) but switches to block the shot with his OUTSIDE arm (right).  I recall the drills like they were yesterday!  Using the outside arm to block a shot reduces the chances for a foul being called.  They slo-mo this in the clip. Just beautiful!!  A Basics skill 
  10. Princeton Freshman makes BOTH free throws at .21 mark.  MAKE YOUR DARN FREE THROWS.
  11. Arizona’s ball movement and shot selection in the last 20 seconds speaks for itself.  Rushed, nervous, anxious.


Anything is possible!