Sun 03/13/22    
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


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Ferrysburg: 17520 Ridge Ave
17520 Ridge Ave., Spring Lake, MI, 49456

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Less than 1% of high school players play in college, at ANY LEVEL.  Since 2011, of the Basics U17 players who have played on our spring teams, 9% have made it to the college level.   Why and how? Because we know competition and competitive growth are BARELY related AND we also know that outcomes in non-scholastic basketball games have no real meaning.   When good coaches reinforce these principles, the players basically have no choice but to improve.  The emphasis is ON DEVELOPMENT, not outcomes.

TIP #1:  forget the travel.  Get in the gym and be RELENTLESS about skill development, conditioning and mental strength.  Basics 3 Legged Stool. 

Tip #2: If you are one of the BEST players (or the best player) in the area or on your team, there is no better choice than this model.  College coaches don’t care how many wins you have on some travel team or where you played.  The real question is CAN YOU PLAY?  Basics understands these principles. The 9% figure above is not an accident.   It’s a reflection of HARD WORK, the RIGHT DRILLS, the required REPETITIONS and then really NOT CARING TOO MUCH about any results.


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