Wed 11/16/22    
8:00 am - 8:45 am


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Fruitport HS
357 N. 6th Ave, Fruitport, MI, 49415

Event Type

  • Student
  • Athlete
  • Leadership
  • Training

$80 per athlete. Players with financial need will be assisted.  Call Coach with questions:  616 402-1600

Athletes in these sports will be in attendance
  1. Girls Golf
  2. Girls Basketball
  3. Girls Soccer
  4. Girls Volleyball
  5. Softball
  6. Boys Volleyball
  7. Sideline Cheer
  8. Competitive Cheer
  9. Boys Soccer
  10. Boys Basketball
  11. Track
  12. Hockey
  13. Lacrosse
  14. Tennis

Summary of what SALT leadership is at Fruitport HS HERE.

Weds November 16:  800 AM.  Coach McGannon will be at FHS with 25 Student Athletes discussing mental strength

Handling mistakes and failure properly is a primary component of leadership.

Contact Coach McGannon if you are interested in this valuable service for your school.  616 402-1600.  Attendees take an assessment that measures their level of CONFIDENCE, their ability to handle MISTAKES and then their ATTITUDE and COMMITMENT to the effort at hand. We then meet to go over the principles of mental strength.    Example below


Typical answer to 1 statement on the assessment, under the HANDLING FAILURE section:

I recall my good play more often than I recall my mistakes”. Answer:  Sometimes (or quite often NEVER).

What this means is this player/team dwells on mistakes and poor outcomes, REDUCING THEIR COMPETITIVENESS IMMEDIATELY.    This training will right the ship in this instance as well as delve into other issues of mental toughness such as fear, anxiety, caring too much, peer pressure, the ills of social media among MANY other factors that define mentally tough (or weak) players and programs.  Also available in a 1 v 1 setting with Coach McGannon here.


  1. Register with Coach McGannon at 616 402-1600.  Assessment will be sent to you.
  2. Share assessment with attendees who then fill out and submit assessment
  3. Meet with Coach McGannon: Bio here


  1. TIP: Do this work.  It gives the players/students/leadership or team a CLEAR ADVANTAGE especially when pressure arrives.  See COMMENTS HERE
  2. A strong alternative is our player driven ONLINE COURSE, see here


This session is full. Check other dates for openings.