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There is a brief window in middle school as high school approaches.  Middle school parents, please watch this. Find the time, it’s 8 minutes long and is basically FACTUAL for your sons and daughters.

This NBA coach’s video (Van Gundy) is alluded to in Curtain Call Please watch.  (2:41)




Byron Center:  9930 Burlingame Ave SW

What is Mental Strength Training: 3:25

Group Mental Strength Sunday December 4 in BC:  600-730 PM  REGISTER

Group Mental Strength Sunday December 11 in BC:  600-730 PM  REGISTER

1 v 1 Mental Strength Training available here

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  • IBL = Instructional Basketball League (since 2009): Video here (begins in January)
  • How skilled is your son or daughter?  Take the 1 Minute skills test and identify their NUMBER. (Average, Above Average or Excellent)
  • Better Ball Handling, Better Footwork, Better Shooting Skills, Better Conditioning, Mental Toughness



Mondays ONLY thru Feb 27: Limited to 12 players

  • 530-630 PM  U-12 Co-Ed IBL   REGISTER
  • 630-730 PM  Ball Handling Clinic  REGISTER
  • 730-830 PM  PrivateTraining  $95  (1 or 2 players only)  By appointment only  Call/Text 616 402-1600

EX: ‘I would like to set up a private session on 2 dates in Byron Center.  Mondays Jan 30 and Feb 6.  2 players


NOTE: Basics is the most competitive training anywhere.  9% of our HS players have made the jump to college basketball (15 D-1) versus a national average of 1%.  Player below is at Gonzaga this year, he attended over 50 X in middle school.  If you are serious about reaching your potential, Basics is the right choice.