From: Thomas Hursey, Executive Director (retired)
To: Coach Jim McGannon
Subject: Basics program


I am very impressed with Basics training program and philosophy. BCAM is trying to emphasize similar thoughts with its membership. I would like to use your newsletter in my next newsletter to our over 5000 members. If you could give me that permission, our coaches need to hear your message.


Tom Hursey – Executive Director,

Basketball Coaches Assoc. of MI (BCAM)

Newsletter Summary

The vast majority of players compete BEFORE they have sharp, repeatable skills.  Competing before a player has sharp skills is like taking tests without sufficient studying. The outcome is a foregone conclusion.  Players who play games/leagues/tourneys more than they practice are destined for average results at best. 


Never mistake activity for achievement.  Doing LOTS of stuff, playing in games, travelling all over the map is ACTIVE and means basically nothing.  (not to mention expensive).  See Travel Teams video here.


SUMMARY: If your son or daughter is serious about playing COMPETITIVE basketball, reduce the games, the travel, the leagues and work hard on sharp skill development, physical strength/agility and MENTAL TOUGHNESS.  This is Basics model.


Evan Bruinsma-2010 Associated Press Michigan High School Player of the Year (D-1 @ Detroit) attended Basics over 100 X

Player on the left (below) is Spencer Krannitz who attended over 200X.  Spencer is the all time leading scorer in West Michigan High School basketball history (over 2000 points).  Spence played at CMU.

“I never understood why so many kids traveled all over the state to play basketball when the best training in the state was right here on the Lakeshore. Basics taught me the primary skills required to compete, and then gave me a TON of repetitions to sharpen those skills.”  Evan Bruinsma


NOTE: Evan anchored the 3-peat state championship teams at Western Michigan Christian 2008, 2009 and 2010. Evan was named the 2010 AP Michigan High School Player of the Year. (Wins Basics DUNK contest in last year!)